March 29, 2017: Single-payer after the demise of Trumpcare, on the Real News Network

February 1, 2017: The ACA repeal on Fusion.

January 18, 2017: Talking about Trump’s HHS nominee Dr. Tom Price



May 6, 2016.  Discussing single payer live with Thom Hartmann on “The Big Picture”:



Radio Interviews, selected

March 12, 2017: On “Up Front” with Chris Citorik, WBZ NewsRadio in Boston, discussing the GOP House healthcare bill.

September 1, 2016: On 88.5 WMNF “From a Woman’s Point of View” discusses the latest outrage of the EpiPen pricing scandal.

January 26, 2016: Back on the “Attitude” with Arnie Arnesen on WNHN 94.7 FM out of Concord, NH to chat about the politics and policy and history of single payer. Podcast here.

July 5, 2015: On the Peter Werbe show “Nightcall” on 101FM WRIF out of Detroit discussing Obamacare and more.

June 29, 2015: On Counterpoint with Scott Harris at WKPN 89.5 FM out of Bridgeport, CT discussing King v Burwell and possibilities for single payer health care.

June 23, 2015: On the Morning Show with Pamela Brown and Michael Haskins on WBAI 99.5FM talking King v. Burwell (Available here, starting at 01:48)

July 10, 2014: Back with radio host Arnie Arnesan on her program “The Attitude” at WNHN 94.7 to discuss the Medicaid “Private Option.” Available here (starting at 27:45).

April 18, 2014: Discussing media coverage of Obamacare with Steve Randell on the radio show CounterSpin, broadcasted to stations nationwide.  Available here (at 10:15).

April 15, 2014: Discussing Obamacare and underinsurance with talk host Arnie Arnesan on her radio program “The Attitude” at WNHN 94.7. Available here (starting at 9:40).


Interviews/Comments for Articles, selected

March 10, 2017, “Six Questions for Dr. Adam Gaffney on the Dismal State of American Health Care,” Melissa Garriga, Washington Babylon.

January 9, 2017, “Anti-vaccine rant exposes conflict over hospitals’ embrace of alternative medicine,” STAT.  

September 27, 2016, “Clinton and Trump on Health,” BMJ Blogs.

June 3, 2016: ” Cancer Deaths Have Spiked During the Great Recession,” The Nation.

May 19, 2016: “A Health Care System That You Might Actually Like Isn’t as Far off as It Seems,” Alternet

May 12, 2016: “Doctors Agree with Sanders on Universal Health Care,” Alternet/New America Media

May 6, 2016: “Doctor Group Pushes for ‘Single-Payer’ Model,” US News & World Report.

January 21, 2106: “Hillary Clinton Declares War on Single-Payer Health Care,” Truthout.

January 19, 2016: “Sanders’ single-payer plan could ding poor workers,” Politico Pro. [paywalled].

January 19, 2016: “Sanders reignites fight over single-payer healthcare,” Washington Examiner.