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  1. Generally better written and more informed than the vast majority of anti-gun write ups. Most glaring misstep was this statement:

    “Others might contend that non-semiautomatic weapons would be inadequate to resist a tyrannical U.S. government. They are entirely right, but that is equally true of semiautomatics. To effectively resist the American government, one would need at least a battalion of tanks, batteries of powerful artillery, an array of antiaircraft missiles, and so on and so forth. In short: nothing you could buy at your local gun shop at any rate.”

    Tanks and artillery can conquer an army but they can’t conquer a people. The US found that out in Viet Nam, Russian in Afghanistan, we are seeing it again in the battle against ISIS. The British with the mightiest military at the time, found out that when they went up against the American patriots.